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unlike a regular person, i over think, under think, and dont think all at the same time. if i dont release my creative juices now, i just might explode.


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1.  what was the last thing you took a picture of?

I took a picture of myself because of the conceded bitch I am (although I’m looking extra greasy today).

2. favorite compliment you’ve gotten?

Whenever someone compliments my singing I get all tingly and girly and it just makes sunshine come out of my ass.

3. is there a difference between love and obsession?

YES. I feel like love has an understanding and you can accept loss from it but obsession is selfish. When you’re obsessed with something or someone you don’t think about their feelings, you only think about what’s going on with you, while love brings the other person’s needs before your own.

4. favorite store?

I really enjoy American Apparel even though i basically can’t afford anything in there, but i also really like even though i haven’t bought anything from there either. Honestly I just like/want what i cant have.

5. thing/person you love the most?

I love my mom more than anything to be honest. It took a while for me to discover this but she’ll always be my main priority.

6. favorite memory?

Well now i have forgotten every moment i have ever experienced in my whole life. But one day I’ll never forget is going to this art museum with an old friend and it was raining outside and we were all giggly and bumming cigarettes and bought a fish shirt. I hold that day very close.

7. what do you think happens during/after death?

I like to think that we’ll all just drift into our own little paradises. I don’t know yet if I completely believe in a greater power and if we’ll see that greater power at our time in death but it just seems kind of weird to think there are two spiritual worlds where you either are punished severely for eternity or rewarded just because of some words in a book. So I guess I just think that when we die we’re put into a world of our own creation; stuff that makes us happy.

8. do you think different brands of water have distinct tastes?

Hhahahahahaha NO! that is bullshit and anyone who tells you different is a fucking alien or something.

9. most memorable dream you’ve had?

Okay one night I had three dreams in one and it was the most terrifying, paranormal, demonic shit I have ever been through. The dreams all took place at my old house which in my mom, sister, and I’s (along with some friends) opinions was haunted as fuck. And in the dreams I was being possessed, Nic was being possessed and tortured, the house was getting broken into by demons, things were holding me down; it just wasn’t fun at all. I woke up after the third dream crying and panicking because I thought I was going into another dream.

10. do you feel your age?

It really depends on the day. Sometimes I feel like I’m super little and unimportant and then other days I feel like I’m 20- something. But for the most part I always feel stuck as 15. hahaha

11. favorite song?

I definitely don’t have just one favorite. But my recently favorite song that I can’t stop listening to is Cruel World by Lana Del Rey

oh and i never get sick of any Strokes or White Stripes songs, like ever.

New questions:

1. Would you rather be stuck inside of Chuck-E-Cheese with no tokens or a lazor tag stadium with no gear?

2. What did you dream about last night?

3. What is your favorite disney movie?

4. Have you ever stolen something (or thought about it)?

5. What was your dream job as a kid vs. what you want to be now?

6. If you traded gender for one day, what’s the first thing you would do?

7. What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without taking a shower/ bath?

8. How long have you had a tumblr account?

9. What food can you absolutely not live without?

10. Would you rather be poor with true friends or rich with no friends?

11. Have you ever passed out? Why?



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